Traditional wedding decor ideas

Traditional wedding decor ideas

Dreams are always made of beautiful fairy-tale weddings. If you have dream about this day since forever and or you started to imagine it, weddings are really important to us. Right from the big details to the tiny ones, Party Ocean care about it all. Hence, I know how you feel when everything about your wedding has to be anything but ordinary. But an incredible wedding calls for some incredible inspiration.

Many of the elements of Interior Design can be applied to wedding functional planning and these principles can be easier to apply than you might think!  The most prominent elements that can be employed are; Colour, decoration, and repetition.

In wedding decorations the sky is the limit…  The decor is temporary and festive which means colour can be used in all its glory.  From bright to subdued and romantic, colour choice in wedding decoration planning is the key to setting the foundation for a great design.  As illustrated below by this gorgeous wedding function, dark pink is the main colour.  It is supported beautifully by white and pops of natural colours.  The colours used often play a role in the foods offered as well.


The repeating elements throughout a design help to create a cohesive result.   In this design swam lights design are repeated in the hall, and as confetti on the table are also repeated everywhere along with stones, fresh flowers and artificial petals.  Ribbons or bows also play a role as they show up on the cakes, the straws, and as the main feature on the wall.  Together with a solid pattern and colour scheme this little vignette really takes the cake.
There is one more element that is used in party design, and that is theme. Weddings by their very nature are held for specific reasons and what better than a theme to help accentuate that occasion even more!

Focus on Lights

In a wedding or reception decor the lighting pays a really important role, this can be a central idea from where you can begin thinking about your ideas for decors. See below what steals our hearts.


- These statement flowers along with the marvelous swam and lightning decorations are making us feel as we have stepped into the entrance of the wonderful imaginary world. You can place these around the wedding venue at strategic spots.
- For the wedding decoration, the candles with crystal candelabras give the most amazing sights.
- Crystals along with LED according to the colour themes also can lead this special enchantment and a beautiful focus to your wedding venue.
-If you have trees at the venue, then get fairy lights wrapped around all of them for that dreamy ambiance.
- The back screen can be lighted with lights and decorated with marigold garlands for a stunning entrance and this will bring out a tropical feeling as well.

Some useful details

From table centerpieces to small decorative props at your wedding have a look in our Party Ocean’s decoration further for inspiration. This beautiful centerpiece mixes of pink and white coloured feathers seems unique, beyond beautiful and apt for a really unique wedding. The glass with coloured gel along with LED lights is also an interesting centerpiece. If you are not into flowers as centerpieces, plants with crystals look gorgeous as well.


Back to Hindu traditional roots

It is always great to have traditional inspiration behind your decor. Small elements can make a big difference.

- Antique chairs decorated with bright ethnic cushions and drapes make for great wedding decor.
- These traditional chairs in bright colours inject a Hindu flavor in any decor.
- The back drop behind the bride and groom is given great importance. This should be the cleverest decorated area because that is where the majority of the pictures will be clicked. Flower garlands are always completely unique and – cover table in Hindu wedding decorations.

All about Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of wedding decor, but they can be used in really fresh ways as well.

- Vases filled with flowers can be interesting centerpieces or you could even have them around the venue.
- Flower curtains are a must at weddings. This pattern can be twisted by using a transparent thread, placing the flowers apart and clever from white, light pink to a more dark pink.
- One of the beautiful set up with flowers and moss are the flower carpet, and this is definitely a dream come true.

Birds Lovers

In Party Ocean we always adore, is keeping a flower sculptures of animals, Birds at the entrance. The peacock, and swam are clearly really popular. This would also turn out to be possibly the most talked about decor detail at your wedding.


This wedding decoration incorporated all the things we love: pink, glitter, sparkle, delicious desserts and pretty decor.